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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

About Me

Leah Brecher-Cohn believes that the essence of every human being is good.  And if that human being's thoughts, feelings or behaviors don't reflect that goodness, it is because it is being blocked.  Pain and upset related to marital issues, career challenges, chronic illness, stress, parenting concerns, loneliness, anxiety, and depression reflect misunderstanding, fear, judgments, and separation.  Leah's work is guiding good people through their challenges to rediscover their goodness.  She does this by applying an eclectic mix of psychological approaches, educational techniques, and spiritual practices while providing compassionate support and practical feedback.  She helps her clients realize their own strengths and talents, which lead them to more joyful and fulfilling lives.  

Clients who are drawn to Ms. Brecher-Cohn are motivated and thoughtful people who value greater happiness and health and are willing to do the personal growth work involved to have more of it.

Ms. Brecher-Cohn is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been counseling people on the Main Line for over 15 years.  She received her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in California and her Master of Science in Education from Bank Street College in New York.  She received her post-graduate training in sex, couples, and family work at The Council for Relationships in Philadelphia. Ms. Brecher-Cohn is a certified practitioner of EMDR and a clinical member of AAMFT.  In addition Ms. Brecher-Cohn has training in the Collaborative Law Process and works with attorneys who support families.  Ms. Brecher-Cohn draws upon her experience in the creative arts and business world in supporting her clients in areas where professional and personal issues intersect.  Leah continues to study and practice practical spirituality in her everyday life.

Ms. Brecher-Cohn is in private practice in Ardmore, Pa. and continues to work as a senior staff therapist at The Council For Relationships in its Center City office.